Coming Back to Zagreb

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So I came back!

Yes I did. I came back to another EVS project here, but this time for a long-term, 10 months (too long maybe? I know…). Well sometimes you have to make these kind of choices.

Coming back to Croatia, to Zagreb, for this long term project was a big step for me, a road that I wasn’t really sure I wanted to take, but here I am, I made the choice and I hope it will turn out to be a good one 🙂

Familiar city, familiar people, familiar culture and definitely familiar places. All of this is familiar because I came back to the same country, same city and same organization. Everything is the same, just the season is different 🙂 hot summer….!



When I came here almost a month and a half ago, I met a lot of volunteers that were on a short-term project in my organization. They were volunteering on an awesome project called “Green Fingers” mostly working with kids in school gardens. I had the chance to help them organize two garden festivals, which was really fun!

During this one month I had also an on-arrival training in a small town called Orahovica, which is situated in the east of Croatia. There is a Red Cross camp where we stayed and had our training.

I met new volunteers, coming from different countries, like Spain, France, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Poland. We had great time hanging out together and organizing fun projects during the training.

We all stayed in contact and hopefully we’ll meet again during our projects!


With this I will finish my first blog post and for the next time I hope I will have something more fun to write and share with you.