Croatia 3.0

Coming to an EVS project in Croatia for 10 months was probably the bravest decision I have ever made. I left home a completely normal life – great friends, a nice job, a loving family – to venture myself into a new, almost unknown world. I say “almost” because this is my third time in Croatia – I attended a training course in Zagreb last year and participated in a two-months EVS project from May to July (which was pretty amazing and the summer made it feel a lot like vacation).

So here I am, two months of this experience gone, still wondering where it is going to take me. But hey, not knowing only adds up to the fun, right?

The hardest part about my moving to Croatia? Casual things, like reading the labels on the cosmetics I want to buy, finding a new hairdresser, or getting my jeans cut (I have had a pretty frustrating experience with this one).

Frustration aside, living with two other people (who are not my father and brother) is, in its turn, a challenge (although a great one). Nenad is from Serbia, Henriette is German and I come from Moldova – which makes our apartment a perfect sort of spicy French salad. By now, we have learned not to make faces when someone has soup for dinner, loads her toast with too much peanut butter (guilty as charged), or is fond of unusual food combinations. Furthermore, we got to like some of them, and now we have very fun and diverse dinners.

The work at the office is much more organized than in my last project. Although the tasks are not as diverse, they offer me the possibility to focus on one thing and do it from the beginning to the end – a bit of order is always welcome in my otherwise pretty chaotic life.

These being said, I look forward to whatever this experience is going to bring. If you managed to read until here, thank you and see you next time!

P.S.: The picture was taken this morning from our office’s terrace – feel free to be jealous. It’s a sweet November in Zagreb.