Why Am I Here

well preparedHello, hello,

I’m Nenad and I came to Zagreb for my long term EVS (European Voluntary Service). There are many people who are asking me why I chose Croatia, why Zagreb, why?… It seems a bit strange, taking into account that I’m from a neighboring country, from a nice town called Niš, located in the south of Serbia.

Let’s go from the beginning. The first time that I met O.A.ZA. was in December 2014. during their project ATOL: Advance Training Of Leadership. It was a great training: great lecturers, fabulous people and a wonderful organisation. And there you have an answer: people and organisation. That was the reason, or the main excuse to come here again, and again.

After that initial contact, I decided to do a short term EVS in O.A.ZA., and that happened this year, during May and June. If you want to see some pictures, you can do this by clicking on the link.

And now I’m here, again, for a long-term EVS! Another ten months with two more volunteers in Zagreb. New chances to learn, to grow, to contribute, to learn and develop. New challenges and new opportunities.

Where do I live, you ask? We all live together: me and two other EVS volunteers, named Ruxanda and Henriette. It is a new experience for me. During the last ten years, I was living alone, and now I share a flat with two more persons, and plus they are girls!

But we have a very nice landowner and our flat is quite great. Freshly renovated, completely furnished and we have all the things we need. The only minus is the location, that is – a dislocation. It is some 40 minutes by tram away from the city center and it is the only complaint I can have about the flat.

My flatmates are cool and we have some good time. We go shopping together and sometimes we cook together, mostly dinners. Lunches are provided in our office – fresh vegetarian food every day is coming to our office – and that is so cool. No need to think about lunch – just be there and enjoy it.

I don’t want to make my first blog entry too long, so I will stop here. Maybe I’m not prepared for all that is coming but I’m more than willing to try.

P.S.: The picture is from my previous EVS project, with the minimal survival equipment needed to promote a project 🙂