EVS Experience – the Beginning

On-arrival trainingTen months, three people, one mutual goal: We all came to Zagreb as European Volunteers to stand in for a change in society and to learn for life. This city and our hosting organization, O.A.ZA., offer the perfect environment. At work we are helping with projects like Youth Exchanges, a youth club (where we will be giving language classes and organize intercultural evenings), urban gardening projects with kids in primary school and updating the online representation of the organization.

But not only work is interesting. Life in our flat is quite fun as well. Although we all have a different origin and age we get along very well and even learn a lot from each other. From simple things like how to prepare Indian milk-tea to the political situation of the others home countries. We have a very open and friendly atmosphere in our flat and thanks to the big couch we are able to invite friends over. We even celebrated two of our birthdays so you can imagine that “boredom” is an unknown word for us!

And if we do not feel like spending our free time together, we meet with people we got to know on our on-arrival seminar in Orahovica at the beginning of September. There, I got to know people from a huge range of different countries with whom I can now spent some nice evenings out in Zagreb. During the days we visited the “Museum of broken Relationships” and explored the city center.

We go by tram to the office and back every day (when they built Zagreb, they forgot the bike lanes), so in order to stay fit I found a perfect running track in Maksimir park, just a couple of tram stations away from our flat. I really enjoy being so close to nature although I am living in a big city. And I think those are not the only benefits this city has to offer. I am looking forward to the next ten months in this amazing city with these amazing people!