Have No Fear – Go For an EVS!


Hey, my name is Ana Teresa and I am a proud Portuguese girl and in October 2016 I went to Croatia to take part in a short-term EVS Project Sustainable Quest. I went to Zagreb with high expectations and with all my adventurous spirit. After all, I was embarking on my first experience abroad and alone.

Why is an EVS project a good experience?

The world is not too small for those who dream higher, who are not afraid to risk and make the difference, and the EVS experience is about this ambition to live other experience abroad and outside of our comfort zone. It is important not to be afraid of challenges, in fact, life is more fun when we do something different.

Participating in an EVS project is an added value for your personality, for your personal development and for the definition of your priorities and goals in life.

Even if the project is not perfect, this experience is more than the project, is an experience as a whole. Every day you see something new in the city because you are a tourist every day. You can visit other cities and countries and enrich your personal culture. This experience also gives you the opportunity to live with people from other countries and at the same time to learn other languages and habits.

What was the most import thing in this experience?

For me, the most important thing in this experience were the places and the people I met. I am passionate about places, so visiting different places every day was so good. This experience allowed me to improve my English and realize that alone I am capable of so much and the fear only accompanies us because we allow it.

Living an experience abroad has no price – it includes learning and an added value for our life curriculum. Do more for yourself and at the same time help change the world.

Don’t be afraid and join a volunteer experience.

Ana Teresa Andre