It’s All About the People…

Hi, I’m Olgica from Macedonia. I came to Croatia for short term EVS project as a volunteer. I volunteered in a project named “Sustainability Challenge” which was about involving the young people to take more sustainable actions. This was my first EVS experience so far and I have to say it was really good.

There are many highlights from this project and experience that I want to mention, starting from the chestnut hunt we did in the first days. It was a great activity that allowed us to start getting know each other. Another highlight would be giving interesting unique ideas for the project. During the project, we organized a lot of workshops, such as Cooking Class, DIY, Pomodoro Technique, Greenpeace Workshop, Mindfulness Mandala and many more. I also enjoyed the workshop we did in one of the local schools, Planting Trees with the kids which was a great and fun experience.

I will as well separate the DORM event we did, it was very cool because once again we had to work with kids and young people by organizing games in the school and in the city centre.

The greatest experience for me is the people I met, lived with, had fun with and shared unique memories with. Living with other people is fun because we come from different countries, surroundings and cultures. It was a great great experience for me because I found really good friends among the volunteers.

The things we did together and that I will never forget are the trips we took. Starting with Samobor, the small and picturesque town close to Zagreb, then having fun and trying not to freeze to death in Plitvice Lakes, visiting the Trakoscan Castle, visiting bunch of museums in Zagreb, having a beer with the volunteers, visiting the eco-village Krishna Valley in Hungary which was a different kind of experience because I haven’t seen or been to a place like this one.

To sum up, this is definitely an experience that every young person should experience.

All the amazing people, great places and unforgettable moments make this adventure the best.