Krk Island

I was really in luck when two weeks ago I was offered to attend a three-day workshop about CO2 reduction on the island of Krk. Due to the spontaneous invitation I left quite unprepared to join the event and didn’t know what to expect. But my worries had no reason as the weekend turned out to be one of the best experiences of my EVS so far.

In lively discussions with the participants from Slovenia and Croatia I learned about how sustainability is being reached in these countries and was amazed to discover the similarities and differences to the situation in my home country. Happily I took in many new ideas how to contribute through small steps to a sustainable environment.  The choice of Krk as our location was perfectly made as it offered us the possibility to go on field trips related with our topic. We visited a small island with lovely nature and kitchen gardens, the local communities’ dump and even got to meet a citizen who generates his own electricity with solar panels. But of course, I didn’t only like the island for these educational reasons, but also for the proximity to the sea. While the others shortly dipped into the chilly water I could even enjoy a half an hour swim. Now it pays off that I am used to swim in the North Sea!

During enriching “off-schedule “conversations in the evenings all the participants bonded and I got the opportunity to learn about Balkan culture and history through first-hand information.  But even though I am trying to adapt to the Croatian culture and learn the language, I couldn’t leave without proving at least one “German-tourist-stereotype” so I send some super corny postcards to my friends and family.