Meet the Others

Something that I really like about my EVS is having an opportunity. An opportunity to try, act, travel, meet people, explore, do, and learn. A part of it is meeting other people and inviting them to different actions, or even better – be invited somewhere.

There is that strange feeling, like some separation in the brain, that you left all your friends and family back in your country, but you still have friends here, maybe even more than at home. There are two of my flatmates, Ruxanda and Henriette, and there is a Facebook list of people who are doing an EVS at the moment. Plus there is a group of Erasmus people on Facebook, and that is more than few hundred people, amazing people.

It is so easy to organize things and do what you want/like. You want to go for a pub, you invite people! Someone is going to Ljubljana, Plitvice lakes, Budapest or any other place. And what do they do? They invite you. And the next moment you are planning your trip with them, meeting new people, seeing new places, and learning on the way. You want to go for a hike, you invite people, and there you are, on the top of a mountain, having fun.

It is amazing to have such opportunities, and mainly to meet others.

Photo from Medvedgrad.