My work in Latvia

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This blog post is from our volunteer Nenad from Croatia who is doing his long term EVS project in Riga, Latvia.
He is sharing his experience from the two months period that he is been there.
His EVS project is called “Welcome for internationals 4: Unity in diversity”.

Together with other volunteers he will patricipate in organizing cultural, sport events, seminars and trips.
At the end of the article there is a link from his blog that you can follow and read his experiences in Latvia.



Two months have passed since I was in
Riga, Latvia.
How did I end up here?
So very easy.
Through some encouragement and
support from my beloved friends who
recognize in me what I do not even see.
Why am I here?
My plan is do something positive in the
lives of other people.
How do I do it?
Through various lectures on life and faith,
through music and movies, traveling and
socializing together with international students.


So sail.
In Latvia, for the time being, I have no
difficulty in dealing with cultural shock,
but there are some differences and things
that I am setting for.
Let’s say about the inorganisation of
public transport, the closeness of Latvians,
the silence in town and the rain almost
every day.
Here I have learned to live and work in
spite of the rain. Even traveling.


How does my work week look like?
It commences, of course, on Monday
morning by going to the office and
preparing materials for the working week.
From 5pm I have an online worldwiew
Then, from about 19 o’clock with about 10
to 15 students, I have Bible study,
conversations about faith, life, how it is
for them in a foreign country, on the other
continent for some of them, etc.


On Tuesdays we have a team day where
we talk how we are, pray and support
each other in our work.

Every Thursday we have an event for
international students as board games,
movie and discussion night etc.
movie and discussion night etc.
I often organize trips for students in
various parts of Latvia and for now it is
doing very well.
Sometimes we run weekends together
through partys, soccer or traveling.


So that would be my working week.
Now, for the details.

My goal is to be here for international
students, to talk to them, to be their
support through life and their faith.
Help them to adapt to the culture they are
now in. Help them grow every day. The
current number of international students
with whom I contact is about 120
Of those active is about 50.

My 8 colleagues and my mentor
Miroslavs help me in my work.


As for the rest, the biggest support is my
girlfrend Tabea who is the also volunteer
in Latvia.
I’m also supported by other friends of
volunteers I see every week.
It keeps me from being a homesick

Also one highlight of a few weeks ago

Before two weeks we had a student
festival in Latvia, Rezekne town. It lasted
for 3 days. Almost 50 students responded
to the event every day. It was fun, lots of
teamwork and useful.
The first night we watched the movie “The
Giver” and then had a discussion on the
The other night we had a talk show-popularly known as “grill a christian”

where students ask questions about faith,life, relationship between science and religion and so on.

I was honored to answer their questions.

The third and final evening, Joseph Basten from Belgium, spoke about depression,

and with the help of faith how we can came out of depression and also offered us some useful methods.

I believe that everyone who has been on
this has been extremely useful to him.

By the next blog, hello!


Nenad’s Blog