Sustainability in Zagreb

I am Angela, I am from Italy, and I did my 2 months long EVS in Zagreb from October to December 2016. I joined the project because I was looking for an international experience related to my passions. I saw this project about Sustainability that needed promotion, I thought I would have had the chance to be in touch with people that care about environment and sustainability, and at the same time to practice my knowledge in web marketing, that is why I applied.

Before leaving, all the premises were good; I was really looking forward to start this experience. Zagreb is a beautiful town, I enjoyed living here, it is quiet and at the same time there are a lot of things to do, concerts, museum, cinema, events, pubs… and everything is cheaper than in Italy. I also really enjoyed the parks and architecture of the town, and when the Advent started, the atmosphere was magical with all the Christmas lights and decorations, the market and events and the beautiful ice-rink.

With the other volunteers I had a great time, I met people from countries where I have never been and cultures I knew nothing about. Together we visited some beautiful places outside of Zagreb like Samobor, Plitvice Lakes, Trakoscan Castle.

Not all the other volunteers were experts in sustainable living, but most of them they were willing to learn, and try to be more sustainable, for other volunteers the reasons to be in the project (and be chosen for be part of it) are still obscure to me.

Since I was already into sustainable habits, I can say that a new thing for me was sharing the apartment with 6 other girls from other countries and with different habits, which was really interesting and fun, but probably if it was for more than two months I would have been difficult.

The purpose of the project “Sustainability Challenge” was really good, interesting and honorable but the organization probably had not enough time to organize and make all the right decisions in advance.