Time to Move On

It`s hard to put final words/touch/dot and write the conclusion of one year in a few paragraphs. I`m not even sure where to start or where to end… So I decided to make an interview with myself.

Q: What you can tell us about your experience in Croatia?

A: Certainly it was quite different from what I planned or imagined. And this is a normal thing with all EVS stories, things are happening and we can`t be prepared for all of it. It`s like a rollercoaster, you are not sure how it`s going, where are the curves are, what are the picks and pits. Yes, people are telling you it`s safe but until the ride is done you are not sure.

Q: What you will miss the most?

A: People…

Q: Can you tell us something more?

A: I will miss people, a lot… I have friends everywhere, in all different countries in Europe and they have one more friend in me.

Q: What have you learn during this volunteering period?

A: I learned mostly about myself, about working in a new environment and I`m sure that this will help me with my future employment.

Q: Will you be back?

A: Yes, for summer, to enjoy Croatian coast and to have some good time in August.

Q: Will you propose EVS to others?

A: Yes, yes, I think it`s great opportunity to learn, grow, gain knowledge and meet wonderful people and cultures. It`s is very valuable experience and I will certainly promote it whenever I can.

Q: Do you have some words of encouragement to ones who are still thinking if to apply for it?

A: Just do it! You never know how it will be, but you are safe there, you have a parachute and pillows waiting for you at every corner. And from another side you have rockets and airplanes to shoot you directly to the stars, just try it!

Q: Something for the organisation?

A: This is not only for my organisation but for all of them, something that I found very true and reasonable, something that should be read over and over. It`s in this blog post from my friend:


Q: Last words?

A: Vidimo se 😉