Tram Rides

How to use a time in the most productive way to and from work?

In the beginning, I really had a hard time accepting that I would be spending around an hour and a half every day in public transport. From my house to the city center, I needed to walk around 20-25 minutes, and here I need 40-45 with public transport. Yes, I know, I’m not at home…

So I started with some tram activities, such as reading a book or listening to lectures or inspiring talks. Besides that, I like to watch people, and to be honest sometimes I even like to eavesdrop. But all of this is more like getting to know people, seeing something different and interesting. There are some really cool things that you can learn about people just by watching and listening.

And this is one short story that I witnessed. Father and son are talking, and the father is explaining to his son what an army is. The lowest of importance is the part about weapons, ammunitions, vehicles, etc. – all of that is not important. The main thing is to part of a crew, to spend days and days, 24h every day with people whom you didn’t choose, whom you didn’t want, who are there just because someone did it. Different backgrounds, attitudes, culture, and so on, and yet you need to work, cooperate, and live with them.

More or less that was the moment when I stopped listening and got into my line of thoughts… We can learn on every step, in every occasion, in every moment and all the time.