Weather in Croatia

Being a forever warmth-seeking person, weather makes a huge difference in my life, even though most of the times I won’t admit it. OK, let’s not dramatize it and just say it’s a great bonus. This is why, the first time I came to Zagreb, I was thrilled by the uselessness of my snow-proof winter coat in the autumn-ish December of 2014. Eventually, I found out that I was just lucky to witness an unusual winter here, but I didn’t even question it at the time.

A half a year later, in May, I was packing my summer clothes for my two-month EVS project in Croatia, relieved that I had managed to stuff everything in my relatively small suitcase, because hey – who needs warm clothes in summer? (Note to self – everybody does.) So imagine my surprise when I finally arrived in Zagreb and, while my friends at home were going to picnics and wearing shorts and tees, I was still clinging to my spring jacket, which I had brought thanks to a last-minute just-in-case decision. A good decision.

After that, the seasons went pretty much as I had known them my entire life – hot summer, occasional cool periods, a relatively warm beginning of autumn. Then October came with unusual cold and super rainy days, which made me dread the idea of winter approaching (in spite of all the magic that embraces the city during winter holidays). Temperatures below 0? No, please, I’ve had too much of it at home!

But then again – surprises. Only, this time, pleasant ones. My snowy Croatian winter was never as cold as back in Moldova (I say “was” hoping with all my heart not to witness a winter comeback in February or March). After about a week of really low temperatures, the weather settled at about +6, while my Facebook newsfeed was constantly updating with snow-flooded pictures and my Weather app was showing down to -10 degrees at home. And those were the days I felt lucky. Every day.

For a few weeks now, the weather is wonderful – we have a beautiful spring in February – and the best part of it? The city seems to be reborn during these days – happier people, street artists, all kinds of things happening around – just what you miss the most during the cold time of the year.

And although I have no idea whether it’s the usual way or just a rare situation, so far I’m loving it.