Weeds, Seeds and Waterfalls: My Time in Croatia

IMG_2981I’m Pilar, a Portuguese girl, and a month ago I came to beautiful Croatia to take part in a short-term EVS Project named “Green Fingers”. We (me and the other Green Fingers’ volunteers) work in school gardens every day, where we learn about gardening methods, natural processes, tips on how to use the tools more effectively, and then put the learning into practice! We also organize language and recycling workshops for children in those schools. Usually, one day per week, O.A.ZA’s team decides to change things up a bit for us and takes us to other places to enrich even more our experience here and to really make us feel like a part of their team. For example, one time we all went hiking in a mountain nearby (Medvedgrad), other time we spent a day in an eco-village – Vukomerić – a place where the people produce everything to support themselves, from energy to food.

In the weekends and free days, we have managed to explore and enjoy Zagreb and to go to other places in Croatia where we shared great moments and made everlasting memories!

Now let’s talk about the food… Mhm, honestly, when I accepted O.A.ZA’s challenge of eating vegetarian during this experience, I was quite sure that the food was going to be always the same and that after 2 weeks I would have strong cravings for meat and fish. As it turns out, that did not happen, and I’m so glad it didn’t! The food is very good, I tasted so many things I hadn’t tried before and I fell in love with them!

So far, this experience has been amazing, what I do, who I do it with, whom we do it for…When you spend every day with people of different cultures, when you are surrounded by a new culture and new language (Croatian), when you live new experiences, when you are challenged on different levels, you can’t help but CHANGE, change your habits, change your way of seeing the world, change your life!

I’m so grateful for having had this opportunity!