Zagreb, Part II


I’m Sara and I arrived in Zagreb 2 weeks ago to start my long-term EVS project in O.A.ZA (10 months).

When I was preparing to move to Croatia and leave my beloved (and sunny!) country, Portugal, I was asked quite frequently why I was doing this and why Croatia again (not for the nice winter weather for sure!).

Well, in order to answer to this question, we have to go a bit back in time…

In May of 2015, I embarked on the biggest and scariest adventure of my life. Recently graduated, without clear perspectives of future employment and with a thirst to see new places and live exciting experiences, when given the chance to do a short-term EVS in an ‘unknown’ country, I grabbed the opportunity without much thought. Little did I knew, that I was about to live the best 2 months of my life! So without knowing much about Croatia culture, I arrived in Zagreb ready to put into practice some of the knowledge I gathered during my studies, acquire new abilities and learn as much as I could with the people and different cultures surrounding me.

Here I met amazing people which I was extremely lucky to work every day, I felt like I was contributing to something bigger than myself and that I was part of some great gathering of wonderful inspiring individuals. Besides, I had the chance to live all of this during summer time in this beautiful country, to travel around neighboring countries with good friends, and to live this 2 months really happy day by day.

So how I wouldn’t want to be back?!

Now ahead of me is an opportunity to re-live all of this with people that I care about, and more important than that, now I have the prospect to do more and better and to improve myself in the process of working on behalf of others. Sounds pretty good, right?

If you were able to read all of this ramble until the end (good job!), stick around to see what is ahead on this journey.

See you around,